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should i add these to my list? sheri s tepper, david weber's on basilisk station, george rr martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, pamela dean's tam lin, Elizabeth Bear's undertow, peter watts' blindsight


status:completedon the shelfconsideringcurrently readingstrugglinggave up

Consider PhlebasIain M. Bankssocial sf, Culture novel 
The Player of GamesIain M. BanksCulture novel 
Use of WeaponsIain M. BanksCulture novel 
The Time ShipsStephen Baxter1995-96 multiple awards 
Darwin's RadioGreg Bearnebula 2000 
The Demolished ManAlfred Besterthe first HUGOvery very good
The Stars My DestinationAlfred Bester wow... AMAZING
Virtual UnrealitiesAlfred Bester  
Sundiver (The Uplift Saga, Book 1)David Brin  
Startide Rising (The Uplift Saga, Book 2)David Brinhugo 1984
nebula 1983
The Uplift War (The Uplift Saga, Book 3)David Brin  
The Shockwave RiderJohn Brunner  
Paladin of SoulsLois McMaster Bujoldhugo 2004 
The Curse of ChalionLois McMaster Bujold  
Parable of the SowerOctavia E. Butler 
Parable of the TalentsOctavia E. Butlernebula 1999 
Ender's GameOrson Scott Cardhugo 1986
nebula 1985
Speaker for the DeadOrson Scott Cardhugo 1987
nebula 1986
XenocideOrson Scott Card  
Children of the MindOrson Scott Card  
The Yiddish Policemen's UnionMichael Chabonhugo and nebula 2008 
Downbelow StationC. J. Cherryhhugo 1982decent. not drawing me in tho. i keep waiting for it to get better.
DhalgrenSamuel R. Delaney  
Babel 17Samuel R. Delaney  
many..many..Philip K Dick among top favorites
The Man in the High CastlePhilip K Dickhugo 1963 
Martian Time Slip (1964)Philip K Dick  
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1964)Philip K Dick  
Dr Bloodmoney (1965)Philip K Dick  
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (1968)Philip K Dick  
Ubik (1969)Philip K Dick  
Flow my Tears, the Policeman Said (1974)Philip K Dick  
Confessions of a Crap Artist (1975)Philip K Dick  
A Scanner Darkly (1977)Philip K Dick  
Valis (1981)Philip K Dick  
I Have No Mouth and I Must ScreamHarlan Ellison  
The Time of the EyeHarlan Ellison  
Approaching OblivionHarlan Ellison  
Gardens of the MoonSteven Erikson tried it, failed. but i feel i should give it another chance.
To Your Scattered Bodies GoPhilip Jose FarmerRiverworld series 
American GodsNeil Gaimanhugo 2002got thru most of it, really didn't care for it
NeuromancerWilliam Gibsonhugo 1985
nebula 1984
why state the obvious?
IdoruWilliam Gibson  
Count ZeroWilliam Gibson excellent
The Forever WarJoe Haldemanhugo 1976
nebula 1975
Forever PeaceJoe Haldemannebula 1998 
Misspent YouthPeter F HamiltonThe Commonwealth Saga 
Stranger in a Strange LandRobert Heinlein liked it
The Moon is a Harsh MistressRobert Heinlein  
DuneFrank Herbert  
Dune MessiahFrank Herbert  
Assassin's ApprenticeRobin HobbThe Farseer Trilogypretty darn good
Royal AssassinRobin HobbThe Farseer Trilogygood, but put it down
Flowers for Algernon Daniel Keyesnebula 1966 
The Left Hand of DarknessUrsula K. Le Guinhugo 1970
nebula 1969
The DispossessedUrsula K. Le Guinhugo 1975
nebula 1974
SolarisStanislaw Lem excellent - don't see the recent movie
The Futurological CongressStanislaw Lem excellent
Memoirs Found in a BathtubStanislaw Lem  
His Master's VoiceStanislaw Lem  
Tales of Pirx the PilotStanislaw Lem  
The Star DiariesStanislaw Lem  
Return from the StarsStanislaw Lem  
Peace on EarthStanislaw Lem  
Perdido Street StationChina Mieville not feelin' it...
The Speed of DarkElizabeth Moonnebula 2003 
Altered CarbonRichard K Morgan  
RingworldLarry Nivenhugo 1971
nebula 1970
GatewayFrederik Pohl1978 Hugo 
The Golden CompassPhilip Pullman excellent
The Subtle KnifePhilip Pullman good
The Amber SpyglassPhilip Pullman good
Century RainAlistair Reynoldsnoir/sci-fi? mmm 
Chasm CityAlistair ReynoldsBritish sci-fi 2001 
Revelation SpaceAlistair ReynoldsArthur C Clarke nominee 
Pushing IceAlistair ReynoldsArthur C Clarke nominee 
Red MarsKim Stanley Robinsonnebula 1993 
Old Man's WarJohn Scalzi  
HyperionDan Simmonshugo 1990excellent
Fall of HyperionDan Simmons  
EndymionDan Simmons  
The Rise of EndymionDan Simmons  
IliumDan SimmonsLocus Award 2004i heard from Borderlands Books that this is good
OlymposDan Simmons i heard from Borderlands Books that this is good
Snow CrashNeal Stephenson loved it
The Diamond AgeNeal Stephensonhugo 1996for the love of god, i can't get thru this book.
been trying since late '98
CryptonomiconNeal Stephenson  
Singularity SkyCharles Stross liked it a lot
Iron SunriseCharles Stross  
GlasshouseCharles Strosshugo nominee 2007; loose sequel to Accelerando 
Halting StateCharles Strosshugo nominee 2008 
Happiness Is a Warm SpaceshipJames Tiptree Jr. excellent
from Meet Me at Infinity
The Color of Neanderthal EyesJames Tiptree Jr. excellent
from Meet Me at Infinity
TitanJohn VarleyGaean Trilogy; finalist for both Hugo and Nebula awardsdecent
WizardJohn VarleyGaean Trilogy 
DemonJohn VarleyGaean Trilogy 
A Fire Upon the DeepVernor Vingehugo 1993pretty dern good
A Deepness in the SkyVernor Vingehugo 2000FANTASTIC!! prequel to A Fire, but published later...
Rainbow's EndVernor Vinge  
The Peace WarVernor Vinge1984 Hugo nominationliked it a lot
Marooned in RealtimeVernor Vinge1984 Hugo nominationliked it
The UngovernedVernor Vinge  
To Say Nothing of the DogConnie Willishugo 1999 
Doomsday BookConnie Willishugo and nebula 1992 
SpinRobert Charles Wilsonhugo 2006 
DarwiniaRobert Charles WilsonAurora 1999, hugo nominee 
The Shadow of the TorturerGene Wolfe excellent, but apparently got bored
The Claw of the ConciliatorGene Wolfenebula 1982 
The Sword of the LictorGene Wolfe  
The Citadel of the AutarchGene Wolfe  
The Urth of the New SunGene Wolfe  
many..many..Roger Zelazny among top favorites
The Amber ChroniclesRoger Zelazny fuck yeah
Lord of LightRoger Zelaznyhugo 1968